Amy C Quick: Voiceover artist

I’m an American-British voiceover artist (with dual citizenship) living in London. My native accent is general American. I grew up in Minnesota and have lived on both coasts of the US, giving me the ability to do Midwestern, New York and California accents, as well as Southern (Louisiana or Texas).

I’m skilled in corporate narration, commercial voiceover, animation and audiobook recordings. My acoustically treated home studio features a Sontronics Orpheus microphone, Logic ProX software, and RME audio interface.

“Amy has a great, clear, strong voice and will give you excellent turnaround time, too.”
     —Doug H, production team lead
“Amy was very quick to deliver exactly what we wanted, really easy to work with.”
     — AdamNV, video producer
“Fantastic work and delivery very quickly!” 
     — Curricket, video producer

Check out my credits, below, and my sample reel on SoundCloud.

Backwood Entertainment: Voices of Ranger Jervis, Bartender Lux, Mom, Nervous Cultist, emergency hotline operator in “Unforeseen Incidents” video game, 2018
Iceland Travel Companion app promotional video narration, 2017
Bomo Audio: The Lancet Oncology online video narration, 2016
Raconteur Media, London: Willis Towers Watson corporate risk video narration, 2016
SIKT Media, Norway: Kildeboksen promotional video narration, 2015
Foreo online commercial, 2019
Bomo Audio: video narration, 2017
  • Pharmaceutical video narration, 2022
  • Pediatric eLearning video narration, 2022
  • Pfizer commercial, 2022
  • Mind Works lab manual video, 2022
  • OneImerys IT film, 2021
  • Ocular implant e-module video series, 2021
  • Formula One video narration, 2021
  • Advanced Accelerator Applications: Product video narration, 2020
  • Purple Media: Holiday Inn promo video narration, 2020
  • Zapaygo product video narration, 2019
  • RRD Creative: Collinson SmartEarn and Realtime-XLS product video narration, 2019
  • Studio Collective: Syngenta corporate video narration, 2019
  • Fishawack Group internal video narration, 2019
  • Voice of Selma in web series “5000 Years”, 2018
  • Quickbooks/TSheets training video narration, 2018
  • RRD Creative: Collinson Smart Redeem product video narration, 2018
  • Travelport: Service/product video narration, 2018
  • Rascal Media: Marco Polo educational app promotional video narration, 2017
  • Swhype: Konica Minolta videos narration, 2017
  • AstraZeneca video narration, 2017
  • RRD Creative: Dechert promotional video narration, 2017
  • Tignum: Nutrition- and movement-related content narration, 2017
  • Pinewood Studios: Background voice work in “Kingsmen: The Golden Circle”feature film, 2017
  • Azoya video narration, 2017
  • The East Wing: Voices of lead scientist and pilot in “Eve: Valkyrie”virtual-reality video game, 2016–17
  • Jazwares: Bottle Squad toy line introductory video, 2017
  • SkyArts: Voice of newsreader in Muhammad Ali episode of “Urban Myths”, 2017
  • Talking Edge: Online corporate tutorial narration, 2016
  • Bomo Audio: BankCheck product video narration, 2016
  • Universe Print: “Supergirl” voiceover product descriptions, 2016
  • Clickspace, Canada: Technical services explanation for website, 2016
  • Daily Step, London: English-language online learning tutorial voiceover, 2016
  • Raconteur Media, London: Willis Towers Watson corporate video series narration, 2016:
    • Technology, Media and Telecommunications
    • Risk Index
    • Natural Resources Risk Index
    • Transportation Risk Index
    • Construction Risk Index
  • Mellor & Scott, London: Egencia promotional video narration, 2015
  • Control Risks, London: Online technology tutorial narration, 2012
  • Syracuse University, New York: audiobooks, 1997
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